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Jill Lublin
Value - $903.75

1. Spend the day with Jill Lublin! The first 100 people to order Get Noticed... Get Referrals and claim their Bonuses will be entering into a drawing to be one of 10 people to attend Jill's CRASH COURSE IN PUBLICTY for free. Normal full registration fee $795.

2. Jill's Hot-off-the-presses audio Interviews with The Experts audio program. 6 interviews by Jill Lublin with experts in the field of business success. Retail value $69.95.

3. Jill's Insider’s Edge to Powerful Publicity Workbook. This workbook has been creatively designed for you to take an active part in creating a new and exciting public relations program. Retail value $39.


John Assaraf
Value - $299.00


Get the answers you need to grow the business you want!
John Assaraf and Murray Smith, co-founders of OneCoach, have the tools and strategies needed for small-business owners to achieve financial freedom and live an extraordinary life. These four business-building downloads have helped thousands of Business Growth Network members around the world have more business, more money, more life. Learn the fundamentals on how to Attract More Clients, find out how to change your brain to grow your business, and receive two free exclusive downloads from their new book "The Answer," currently rated #1 in business on



Marci Shimoff
Value - $35.00



Happiness Action Plan
Marci Shimoff, author of the best-selling book, Happy for No Reason, 7 steps to happiness from the inside out, talks with Paul R. Scheele, renowned speaker and author on human potential and learning. Together they explore Marci's strategies for happiness and show you how to easily begin using these in your own life. You can quickly and easily raise your level of happiness to become more fulfilled, relaxed, and peaceful.


CEO Space
Value - $1012.95


FREE Book - Super Achiever Mindsets & CEO Space Lifetime Membership Discount - Access to Resources, Team, Capital and MORE!
Save $1000 Off Lifetime Membership!  CEO Space would like to congratulate Faculty member Jill Lublin on her newest best selling title and offer all of you a $1000 discount off of a full lifetime membership in CEO Space. CEO Space is an organization Jill used herself to fast track her success and receive business resources, team and capital and encourages all entrepreneurs, CEOs and business owners to participate in.a gift of two tickets to our Virtual Courses starting in 2008.


Ken D. Foster
Value - $300.00


Create Your Greatest Year Ever! 2 FREE 60-Minute Teleclasses with best selling author, Ken D. Foster
Have you read all the books, taken all the workshops, had coaches or counselors that promised success, but still found nothing had really changed for you? Success Teacher, Ken D. Foster, has taught thousands of people just like you to create lives of profound abundance in every area: finance, business, career, relationships, and beyond. The Greatest Year Ever Program will give you the tools you need to explore your "Inner Space‚" and come up with a clear, step-by-step game plan for exactly what you need to quit dreaming it and start achieving it! You can determine your outcome...Sign Up Now for FREE. And Make This Your Greatest Year EVER!


Loral Langemeier
Value - $397.00


Loral Langemeier Bonus Offers
7 Secrets to Making More Money audio program
You'll discover new ways to create more cash; how to focus your goals to get results

Extreme Money Makeover Download: How to Create a Millionaire Plan in 3-5 Years
Learn the strategies that I have taught to thousands, which have resulted in millions of dollar in revenue for clients.

Building My Wealth Team Download: How to Assemble Your Success Team.
If you are ready to live move your business to the next level and learn how to surround yourself with professionals who share your goals, I have the perfect gift for you, Building My Wealth Team


Chet Holmes
Value - $500.00


The Stadium Pitch: The Ultimate Marketing and Sales Approach
Chet Holmes teaches the magical science of a "Core story," or the "Stadium pitch," a concept that shows you how to develop one marketing and sales tool that becomes the "core" of ALL your marketing and selling. The "core story" improves every aspect of your marketing, from how you handle trade shows, to making your advertising more powerful to making your sales staff outsell the competition at every turn. Dominate your market. Learn the way of the core story and become a marketing master!



Arielle & Debbie Ford
Value - $97.00




Two Sisters Who Conquered the Publishing World
Author and Publicist Arielle Ford Interviews NY Times #1 Bestselling Author, Debbie Ford and How to Start Writing a Book eBook and Audio Recording by Arielle Ford.

If you don't know where to begin or how to start writing your book, or if you've started but can't seem to build the momentum and stick to a writing schedule, here's a solution.

Arielle ( has personally written six books and her sister, Debbie ( has written five bestsellers. Together, they guide you through the ins and outs of writing books and getting published.

Arielle has publicized some of the most successful and famous authors in the world including NY Times bestsellers Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Neale Donald Walsch, Dean Ornish, Jon Gordon, Gary Zukav, Louise Hay, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen.

Two 45 minute audio recordings and over 45 pages of material.


Debbie Allen
Value - $100.00


57 Tips to Attracting Customers Like Crazy
Free Audio download! Discover 57 Tips to Attracting Customers Like Crazy in just 30 minutes. Also receive Debbie Allen's free bonus 6 Week e-Course "Business Success Secrets Revealed."



Bob Burg
Value - $15.00


The Success Formula
In this powerful e-booklet and audio program, national bestselling author, Bob Burg (, reveals the 3 key ingredients to success in any endeavor. If you're missing even one of them, you results may be unpredictable at best.



Randy Peyser
Value - $50.00


10 Top Publicity Leads
Randy Peyser provides 10 top publicity leads for getting the word out about your services on the Internet.

These leads come from Randy's "Internet Marketing and Publicity Directory" and are targeted for entrepreneurs, women, or Mind, Body, Spirit audiences.



Shel Horowitz
Value - $9.95


Ten Cost-Free Ways a Business or Service Can Find New Prospects
Marketing doesn't have to be expensive or difficult. In fact, it can be fun! Here are ten ways to grow your business that won't cost a dime--from the author of Principled Profit: Marketing That Puts People First, Grassroots Marketing: Getting Noticed in a Noisy World, and five other books.

Includes a free subscription to Shel's Monthly Frugal Marketing Tips, published continuously since 1997.



Jan Vermeiren
Value - $19.97


15 part Networking E-course
Imagine yourself be more comfortable at any reception, mixer, seminar, customer day or any other networking event.

As a gift Jan Vermeiren, the founder of Networking Coach, offers a free 15 part networking e-course.

Discover the first easy steps that will allow you to have breakthroughs and to quickly become a successful networker.


Alexandra Watson
Value - $29.99


How to Easily Boost your Confidence and Performance
Whether you are a professional speaker, performer, entrepreneur or executive knowing how to master your confidence and energy is vital to personal and professional success. In this book, Alexandra reveals the top secrets, tools and techniques that many of her celebrity, top executive and Olympic athlete clients use to boost their confidence and performance levels through the roof instantly! You too can discover how to make a maximum impact with an audience or even work colleagues and associates, and feel so confident and energised that if you were not held down by gravity you would be whooshing to the sky!


Susan Harrow
Value - $197+


Secrets to Getting Top TV Show Producers to Book You as Their Guest
Producers make an instant assessment of you in thirty seconds-or less. When you get that coveted call from a producer, you aren't just "talking" to him: you're auditioning. You are being screened to be accepted or eliminated as a guest on their show. This ebook teaches you the secrets to help you make the cut. You will learn the essential dos and don'ts plus tips from those who had great success on national TV shows.


Steve Lillo
Value - $137.95


Ebook - Make Your Website Work!
Steve Lillo, CEO of PlanetLink, is the author of "Make Your Website Work" and wants to give you the ebook version of the new second edition. Here's what Best Selling author and Guerrilla Marketing Guru, Jay Conrad Levinson, said about "Make Your Website Work", "Steve Lillo's 'Make Your Website Work!' should have been written five years ago. The wisdom in its pages might have prevented the dotcom explosion. It certainly will prevent anyone's Internet venture from going up in flames - and send it into profitability. The book is enlightening, clear and very well written. The sooner you read it, the sooner you'll profit." You'll also receive an additional bonus worth $125.00.


Gail Watson
Value - $75.00


eXtra Contact - Professional Email Marketing
What do you need to SELL MORE? A quality 30 mins personal call will identify the top 3 things that you need to help you sell more ! Receive specific tips and strategies and reap the benefits today!


Tracy Piercy
Value - $49.00


MoneyMinding's 7-Day Make A Difference Program
The MoneyMinding 7-Day Make A Difference Program reveals the mistakes most people accept as solid financial advice. Developed by a Certified Financial Planner, this multi-media home study program provides simple strategies you use on a day-to-day basis. Turn conventional wisdom around and build lifelong financial security, by making the differences that lead to better financial results, sooner.


Stefanie Hartman
Value - $97.00


'Lights! Camera! Action! Special Report: 12 Insider Secrets to Appearing on T.V. and Radio Shows
How to Get Booked as a Guest on T.V. & Radio. You've written a book or you're an expert in your market and you desperately want to get the word out about your products and services. Radio and TV is one of the biggest marketing secrets to becoming a best-selling author. And Experts use these techniques to not only promote themselves, but sell thousands if not hundreds of thousands of products without it costing a dime! Producers and hosts of talk shows NEED content and that is where you come in. It's a win-win situation. They get a great show and you get great publicity that you can recycle for years, AND make a ton of money selling your product!

So how do you do it? You're in luck! This report will be your guide and take you through 12 INSIDER SECRETS to getting successfully booked on television talk shows and radio shows. I've researched how the best of the best were successful at getting on local and even national shows and now you can have all their secrets! They've already done it and I'll show you how


Value - $29.00


Tsufit's 17 Secrets of Stardom!
Tsufit, the author of the hot new book, Step Into The Spotlight!: A Guide to Getting Noticed, shares her 17 Secrets of Stardom in this exciting live audio presentation.

You'll learn how to attract instead of chase, how to develop an irresistible public persona or brand, how to figure out what to say and how to say it, how to attract free publicity and how to be a star in your own business





Tom Wheelwright
Value - $497.00


What Your Financial Planner Will Never Tell You
Learn the secrets of how to become financially free and why most people don\'t achieve financial freedom using traditional financial planning.



Hugh Ballou      
Value - $500


Hugh's Leadership Tools
Hugh Ballou teaches leadership based on his 40 years as musical conductor. Get free samples of Hugh\'s trainings that help leaders put vision into action!



Liz Galloway
Value - $50.00


Business and Wellness Solutions EBook
Know the powerful characteristics of creating success factors. Get the tools to out grow the competition in a $255 billion industry with this mini book. Your spa and wellness business deserves solutions for your health, spa training, and personal goal setting. Whether you have a wish, a dream, a hope, thought or desire to be in the healing arts industry, this is a valuable tool.


Jeffrey Howard
Value - $97.00


Seven Days to Success with The Law of Attraction e-Workbook and Guide
The complete integrative system for putting the Law of Attraction into Action in your life today.

This comprehensive workbook is an excerpt from Jeffrey Howard's Law of Attraction ACTION PACK--Seven Days to Success with the Law of Attraction. It is a simple, yet powerful 7-day system for creating your Ultimate Dream Life using the Law of Attraction. Each day builds upon the next so that at the end of the first 7 days, you have a built a new custom system for yourself that you can then use to change your life in whatever way you choose.



Dave Austin
Value - $250.00


Free MasterMind I Session subscription
Dave Austin is a performance coach to top professional athletes plus the author of Songwriting for Dummies and soon to be released Ordinary to Extraordinary: 12-Steps to Exceeding Your Potential. Dave uses his unique real life experiences to break limiting beliefs and replace them with new winning habits. His intimate MasterMind I Sessions allow members to interact with Dave in a live group forum setting. Join in for a free month membership and "get into the zone‚" while receiving valuable tools and methods to support your dreams and realize your full potential AND participate in his unique visualization process.



Dr. Ivan Misner
Value - $5.00


Why Introverts Can BE Great Networkers
A common assumption is that a "people person" is the best type of networker. But this isn't necessarily true. Though introverts often eliminate themselves from networking because they aren't good at initializing conversations, they are actually better at the part of networking that is more important to the relationship-building process! Networking is a two-part process. First you have to meet someone new and share information about yourself. The extrovert may be better at this first part of the process; but the introvert is better at the second part--listening to the person he or she just met. So, if you're introverted, stop using that as an excuse not to network. There are many techniques you can use to make the process easier. Networking is a skill that can be learned--regardless of your level of gregariousness.




Raleigh R. Pinskey
Value - $57.00


Conquering The Fear Of Promoting Yourself by Raleigh R. Pinskey, The PR, Branding & Publicity Expert
World-renowned life coach Charles Burke interviews Raleigh R. Pinskey on what's keeping you from achieving your goals. Raleigh describes how she and others overcame their perceived blockages and limitations which led them to realize their goals and dreams.



Joanne Black
Value - $19.95


News You Can Use From No More Cold Calling
A baker's dozen of Point of View articles from Joanne Black, America's leading authority on referral selling. These articles are packed with over 50 sales tips to use immediately‚ and to keep referring back to. A lot of meat in only 33 pages!



Katrina Sawa
Value - $397.00



JumpStart Your Marketing
174 page planning guide and workbook (download version) with questions to get you thinking about EVERY aspect of your small business--marketing PLUS sample budgeting spreadsheet, follow up letters, email correspondence, flyer templates, letterhead templates, how to articles and checklists, free reports, ebooks and more!

Start making clear, effective, money-making marketing decisions now! Don't spend a dime on another ad or promotion until you follow my simple 12 step planning process! This will save you hours of your valuable time and thousands of dollars in misguided marketing dollars!

This is for the savvy marketer OR the new business owner too.



Maria Simone
Value - $19.97


SPECIAL REPORT: 3 Strategies For Creating Your Own Advisory Team Who Will Work For Free
A TEAM can help you attract customers, resources, funding, and more. Know who to approach and what to say.



Manny Goldman      
Value - $295


The Power of Personal Growth
The Power of Personal Growth e-book is filled with key insights and wisdom for living from 56 extraordinary people.

Including Jack Canfield, Les Brown, T. Harv Eker, Manny Goldman and more to provide you with extreme value in this short, concise, and fun book. You also receive an extra gift of two tickets to our Virtual Courses starting in 2008.



Brad Antin
Value - $19.95


How To Double Your Business in Six Months or Less
You really can double your business in six months. The step-by-step system detailed in this report is so easy to understand and implement you\'ll be tempted to doubt its effectiveness. But that would be a big mistake. Give it six months and laugh all the way to the bank.



Sage International
Value - $30.00


Free Wealth Building CD's
Sage International, Inc. Foundation For Freedom with Cheri S. Hill, & C. W. Allen Put Yourself on the Map: Expert Tips to Gain Exposure in the Marketplace with Jill Lublin.



Kim Castle
Value - $97.00


There's A Brand Inside You
Your big business success Is closer than you think--if you have the right map…and the right way to read it. Both begin with you. Picture being able to enjoy your business every day for the rest of your life. More than that…imagine having the mindset and tools to discern when you've gotten off track! Sound impossible? Not according to BrandU co-creator, Kim Castle, who has been changing the lives of thousands of entrepreneurs with her simple process-based results-driven Integral approach to business creation. Get connected to your brand-worthiness with this illuminating program complete with interactive exercises. ($97 value)



Jeffrey Magee


Transformational Leadership weekly eZine
A FREE weekly subscription from Jeff Magee, that brings you hands on interactive "cutting" edge Leadership information, technology, facts, and studies ....

Download Bonus


Dianne Legro


Dianne Legro Presents 3 Free Gifts
Dianne Legro is "The Speaking Success Coach" and celebrity interview host and producer of "Meet The Masters Of Success/" Dianne helps you grow your business and create massive revenue by speaking and networking in public: the number one way to grow your business. Become a motivational speaker and presenter who wows your audience, and creates profitable results. Dianne's free gifts get you started! "Tools for Instant Speaking Success" MP3, "Meet the Masters of Success" Teleclass Series & free coaching session.

Download Bonus




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