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Hi!  Jill Lublin here,

Jill Lublin

I’m sure you can see that we are intentionally offering you a generous reward for buying my new book today.

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If success is important to you -- order Get Noticed... Get Referrals right now.  You'll be glad you did.


Jill Lublin


"'Get Noticed...Get Referrals' tells the truths that often make the difference between success and failure."
- Jay Conrad Levinson, the father of Guerrilla Marketing and author of the Guerrilla Marketing series.

"Keep this book within arm's reach, refer to it often, and it will help you reach the next level of your success!"
- Mark LeBlanc, author of "Grow Your Business!," and president, National Speakers Association

“Someone once said ‘It is not who you know but who knows you that counts.’ Networking to get noticed is what this book is about. Highly recommended”
- Dan Poynter, The Self-Publishing Manual.

"Get Noticed is a clear simple yet powerful guide to all the ways you can get yourself, products, and services right out in front of the publics’ eyes."
- David Hancock, Founder, Morgan James Publishing


"You must read Get Noticed.  It contains an enormous amount of ideas, stories, and antidotes to help you create a shameless sensation!"
- Debbie Allen, best-selling author of Confessions of Shameless Self Promoters

"I love this book!  The principals in this book are exactly what we used to build a network of 14,000 business owners in 76 countries.  If you would like to "Get Noticed" in your business or profession, then I recommend you pick up a copy of this book.  It has everything you need to know in order to succeed in being "Noticed"!"
- Kenneth D. Foster, CEO - Shared Vision Network
Author - Ask and You Will Succeed 

“Get Noticed will catapult your career to the next level.  Jill shares hundreds of secrets that can help you no matter what your profession.”
- Sandra Yancey, Founder and CEO, eWomenNetwork, Inc.





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